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Date Title


6 November 2018 Minimise Consumer Confusion
16 October 2018 Mind the transparency gaps
1 August 2018 Consumers are not empowered enough to shop around


1 November 2017 Regulators must not waver on improved transparency (PDF, 259kb)
18 July 2017 The pace of change must intensify in the consumer interest (pdf, 311kb)
29 March Consumer Panel calls for consumer segmentation to improve regulatory outcomes
22 March 2017 Consumer Panel calls for smarter communication in legal service (pdf, 246kb)


15 December 2016 CMA backs Consumer Panel's call for more transparency (pdf, 326kb)
16 November 2016 Legal services failing to provide for ethnic minorities (pdf, 247kb)
2 November 2016 Research shows room for improvement on Client Care Letters (pdf, 317kb)
12 September 2016 The future of the legal services regulatory landscape (pdf, 266kb)
19 August 2016 Consumer Panel calls for regulatory intervention to address market failings (pdf, 172kb)
19 July 2016 Transparency needed to improve choice and increase the pace of change for consumers (pdf, 239kb)
08 July 2016 Price information is about good competition and fairness (pdf, 293kb)
19 May 2016 New partnerships required to address unmet need (pdf, 129kb)
02 February 2016 Regulators must empower consumers with information (pdf, 338kb)
13 January 2016 Reaction to CMA announcement of review into competition in the legal services market (pdf, 123kb)


17 November 2015 Tracker Survey: Legal services improving, but inequality between users prevails (pdf, 205kb)
16 September 2015 Unbundle legal services and make them more accessible (pdf, 160kb)
24 June 2015 Reaction to UK Supreme Court QASA judicial review judgement (pdf, 119kb)
19 March 2015 Online divorce… a practical choice (pdf, 237kb)


05 December 2014 Third 'Consumer Health Check' of legal services reforms shows progress, but still more to do (pdf, 276kb)
18 November 2014 Major new report on future of legal services (pdf, 142kb)
15 October 2014 Panel launches guide to help regulators take account of consumer vulnerability (pdf, 74kb)
7 October 2014 Reaction to QASA judgment (pdf, 64kb)
29 May 2014 Tracker Survey: Too many 'silent sufferers' still putting up with bad service from lawyers (pdf, 100kb)
23 May 2014 Tracker Briefing 1: Consumers beginning to respond to wider choice (pdf, 72kb)
14 May 2014 New comparison sites sign up to Panel's good practice standards (pdf, 70kb)
17 April 2014 Consumer Panel calls for culture shift to recognise contribution of fee-charging McKenzie Friends (pdf, 71kb)
10 April 2014 Panel publishes new Work Programme (pdf, 84kb)
3 April 2014 Panel finds improvements to accreditation schemes but still some way to go (pdf, 117kb)
30 January 2014 Panel launches tool to help regulators work out the consumer interest (pdf, 60kb)
20 January 2014 Reaction to QASA judicial review decision (pdf 80kb)


25 November 2013 Panel publishes independent benchmarking report into Legal Ombudsman's complaints handling performance (pdf, 92kb)
23 October 2013 Panel welcomes LSB response to advice on financial protection arrangements (pdf, 70kb)
24 September 2013 Third party complaints case studies released (pdf, 122kb)
2 September 2013 Panel calls for overhaul of legal services regulation (pdf, 134kb)
29 July 2013 New research on consumers with learning disabilities who need legal advice published (pdf, 153kb)
3 July 2013 Panel welcomes Government move to retain client choice in legal aid (pdf, 70kb)
27 June 2013 Tracker Briefing 4: Falling public confidence in legal services (pdf, 67kb)
25 June 2013 Panel reaction to Legal Education and Training Review report (pdf, 76kb)
14 June 2013 Tracker Briefing 3: Lawyers still seen as too expensive (pdf, 77kb)
10 June 2013 Explore single scheme for all financial protection arrangements says Panel (pdf, 119kb)
30 May 2013 Tracker Briefing 2: It pays to shop around for legal services (pdf, 75kb)
20 May 2013 Panel criticises legal aid proposals (pdf, 76kb)
14 May 2013 Panel's reaction to Lord Chancellor's decision not to regulate will-writing (pdf, 54kb)
9 May 2013 Legal comparison websites sign up to Panel's good practice standards (pdf, 154kb)
8 April 2013 Panel publishes new work programme (pdf, 116kb)
14 March 2013 Panel publishes new report on empowering consumers (pdf, 100kb)
13 February 2013 Panel reacts to LSB decision on will-writing and estate administration (pdf, 73kb)
07 February 2013 Panel publishes research into consumer views on risk and responsibility in legal services (pdf, 101kb)


27 September 2012 Panel calls on sector to unite behind LSB's will-writing plans (pdf, 84kb)
25 July 2012 Panel publishes Consumer Impact Report 2012 (pdf, 101kb)
5 July 2012 Panel welcomes publication of Triennial Review (pdf, 101kb)
7 June 2012 Give non-clients access to Legal Ombudsman, says Consumer Panel (pdf, 78kb)
31 May 2012 Consumers start to exert buying power, but economic picture takes its toll on confidence (pdf, 79kb)
28 May 2012 Consumer Panel urges legal sector to show commitment to vulnerable consumers (pdf, 69kb)
23 April 2012 Panel welcomes plans to regulate will-writing and estate administration (pdf, 63kb)
16 April 2012 Panel publishes third work programme (pdf, 88kb)
29 March 2012 New guidelines on providing legal services to people with hearing loss (pdf, 89kb)
19 March 2012 Regulate probate and estate administration services, says Consumer Panel (pdf, 81kb)
7 February 2012 Comparison websites should adopt voluntary standards to build consumer trust (pdf, 71kb)


6 December 2011 Half of small charities have limited or no understanding of laws applying to them (pdf, 76kb)
24 November 2011 Legal ‘quality marks’ need strengthening before consumers can use them with confidence (pdf, 145kb)
7 November 2011 Consumer Panel’s reaction to Legal Ombudsman publishing complaints announcement (pdf, 130kb)
14 July 2011 Regulate will-writing, Consumer Panel tells LSB (pdf, 89kb)
24 June 2011 Panel publishes first ‘consumer health check’ of legal services reforms (pdf, 302kb)
21 June 2011 Public trust in lawyers - less than 50% (pdf, 94kb)
9 June 2011 Lawyers bill clients for handling complaints (pdf, 74kb)
27 May 2011 Consumer Panel welcomes referral fees decision (pdf, 64kb)
11 April 2011 Panel publishes second work programme (pdf, 140kb)
31 March 2011 Panel reaction to Legal Ombudsman publishing complaints announcement (pdf, 113kb)
1 March 2011 Panel comments on the LSB's First-tier complaints- handling report [external link]
24 February 2011 Public backs publishing complaints decisions (pdf, 114kb)


21 December 2010 Consumer Panel urges Legal Ombudsman to identify lawyers when publishing decisions (pdf, 89kb)
11 November 2010 Consumer Panel calls on regulators to tighten controls on the quality of lawyers (pdf, 77kb)
14 October 2010 Panel responds to public bodies review announcement (pdf, 43kb)
22 September 2010 Panel seeks evidence on problem will writers (pdf, 93kb)
22 September 2010 Panel starts investigation into will writing (pdf, 97kb)
14 June 2010 Consumer Panel expresses frustration at lack of Regulatory Independence Certificate s(pdf, 78kb)
26 May 2010 Consumer Panel calls for action to tackle problems around referral fees in legal services (pdf, 79kb)
30 March 2010 The Consumer Panel publishes its 2010/11 Work Programme (pdf, 705kb)


4 December 2009 Referral arrangements to be the first major project for the Legal Services Consumer Panel (pdf, 109kb)
11 November 2009 Launch of the Legal Services Consumer Panel (pdf, 75kb)